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Magazine Index

There are numerous period articles and road tests that are invaluable sources of information for restorers. Copyright prevents me from reproducing these articles but with the following index you will be able to identify Magazines that are appropriate for the model and year of Triumph you are interested in. Many of the publications listed are held at the VMCC Library and copies of pages and articles can be provided for your personal research. Or alternatively you will be able to buy the appropriate magazine from a specialist or via Ebay.

This will always be an incomplete index so please consider it a guide. It is organised into Model Years with a separate sections for Service and History articles, and I have tried to indicate the most useful articles for restorers. Always note that the machines featured may be show or press machines and do not necessarily represent what a production machine would look like, this is especially true for new models released early in the production year. Prior to the war, photography and reproduction techniques were poor and most articles have few or no photographs with drawings being used instead. From 1960 the quality pf photography improves with colour photographs often used on the cover and several shots insideā€¦

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